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Anything Else I’m Not Attached To? Surface Dwellers

As I finished watching a Youtube video by Deepak Chopra in regards to the past as it being no longer my present, he has summarized what I have been saying in many of my post on social media, blog and articles I have written, as it speaks to NO ATTACHMENT, as it has become a projection of something that no longer exist. On this same day I went to work, but was informed that I was off. I then decided to go to the grocery store to do a little shopping, specifically to pick up brownie mix, wink, wink. In the process of cashing out, I was having debit card issues that needed to be resolved as I observed the several beings watching me, as A Divine Being of Light and also me having the ability to be The Seer That Reads. Eventually, my debit card issue was resolved, completed the transaction and then moved on to another errand that needed to be done. Throughout the evening, as I heard many speak and repeat my day on the streets, what came to me is that I am NOT A SURFACE DWELLER. I say this because the past is no longer my present and there is nothing that can be done of it, other than having awareness of it, but most importantly what you and I can create from it as I write this blog.


How many of you dwell on the past? It could have occurred a few moments ago or years ago. How does this impact you from moving forward? Can you see yourself creating something from it? 

By NOT BEING A SURFACE DWELLER, you take a moment, have a seat, let it run through and then “think”. When I say think, think not of the experience as it runs through, but more of where you are presently. I understand that not all experiences are easy to let go of as it depends on your mindset, but does dwelling on it help in wanting to move forward from it? Take that moment and journal, meditate, create art, listen to music, seek guidance, etc. What will get you to the point of being present and not dwelling? The experience mentioned above, could have been completely different if I had just looked at the schedule before leaving the house, but would I have gotten here? Again, the experience mentioned above, could have been completely different if my Emotional Intelligence wasn’t extremely high. I could have dwelled on the fact that I drove from the west side of the island to the east side of the island for nothing and that I had issues with my card at the grocery store, but NO, I wouldn’t allow it. As a highly spiritual Being and having the ability to hear the thoughts of many, I hear the mindset of Surface Dwellers. Surface Dwellers are those Beings that want you to cop-a-feel, by continuing to dwell. DON’T ALLOW the outside world to have that power. Look at it dead in its face and say, MOVE ON. That time period is up as you look at your watch or phone, and say, are you done yet, I have other things to do, like write an article or blog. 


In order to get over the dwelling is not by running from it, Face It as if this is just a scene of your 3D life, that YOU are completely aware of, as just that, detach and find something that you can benefit or learn from the Surface Dweller experience. 

We are all part of the surface, but dwelling on it prevents emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, creative, and intellectual growth. Wouldn’t you want to grow in these areas? Nod your head YES!!! Dwelling will not get you there. Take the surface experience and transform it within your soul. The word dwell is not in the Soul's Growth Department, but it is in the Awareness Department.  

🚀Awareness Department: Knowledge Received  

🚀Soul Growth Department: Let Go in order to Grow 

In the movie The Irishman, at the end Robert Dinero is talking to the priest in regards to feelings, and he had none, no remorse at all. Now the surface will have you “think”, he was an assassin for the mob, correct, but if you went higher in your thought process, by not being attached, he was free in this 3D world. The characters that want you to feel, are the ones that want to repeat, repeat. Don’t repeat, it is not what your entire being wants. What is also interesting about the Irishman, he lived the longest life out of all them. If an assassin is too complicated to understand, think of a cop who takes someone's life. That cop has to deal with it and at the end of the day, not dwell, because it is a medium to high probability that a cop will have to or accidentally take a life. In either, will dwelling help in moving forward? No. 

Release Surface Dwelling because it is a projection of the past, and you NOW create your Surface... in the present. In your creation, think beyond the 3D, go higher to 4 & 5D. Starseed Transformational Life Coaching is here to get you to an understanding of “Awareness and Soul Growth Department” level as you see yourself moving forward from dweller to Interstellar.


"Interstellar is seeing the surface dwellers from your trailer 

You are the creator, a change maker, as you go past the wine cellar 

As a bestseller, the storyteller 

Seeing and hearing the airplane propeller 

Taking a seat with no one around me to speak, as the truth-teller 

That window view as I look forward to, fortune, can you see the pillars? 

Take some scissors and cut the cord that prevents you from being a winner


She can deliver, no longer a beginner as I think about Thriller and Prince, singers 

Well, mirror, mirror as I put on my slippers, and look out from my villa 

Surface to Interstellar, a Swimmer that let's go of past filters” 

Poem by Ayanna Njeri Welsh

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