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Calm Down She Is A Flower

It took literally a minute from the Data Channel📡and then the Sage Channel📡 to hear “Calm Down She Is A Flower”, which is why I am grateful for the 6 weeks of training on Positive Intelligence. That switch from the Data Channel to Sage Channel, I finally picked up the frequency I needed to hear, and saw what they wanted to see within me grow as beautiful flower, which caused me to disconnect in order to connect with myself as a beautiful healthy Being, where in my name Ayanna, means beautiful flower. 


I embraced this beautiful flower at my core in switching to the Sage. This embrace overrides the seeds that wanted to create weeds. As a highly spiritual Being as a Starseed, I sensed the emotions of many as a flower, and tapping into and using my extra sensory perception, I knew it wasn’t me and a lot of Beings in every “estate” can use coaching to guide them through temporary moments of challenges. Picking up this energy, also revealed those that hide and are quiet, and can come to the forefront in facing what concerns them with a coach by their side. I have been coached and the experience guides a flower into blooming beautifully. One coaching session can help you see more than you did yesterday, which makes what I heard and received on the Sage Channel, “Calm Down She Is A Flower”, a transformative moment for me as a Starseed Transformational Life Coach

This Sage Channel message brings to my attention Jesus, and how he was made a martyr for his beliefs as a Being, and now worshiped by many who believe and have invested heavily in his crucifixion and resurrection. I felt his energy as a beautiful flower, a Starseed Being surrounded by many souls, particularly those that viewed his messages of love as "different" from what the mass believe and made many uncomfortable. Jesus wasn’t trying anything other than to be of love and to share love. The sharing of love is knowledge for many, and with the sharing of love, Jesus was gifted with abilities, and one of mine is having the ability to hear the thoughts of others, which is why one would want to make a beautiful flower a martyr. A beautiful flower that creates and guides others these abilities, and in every experience as a Starseed, understanding the discomfort. Who really wants a repeat of how Jesus came to be, when it was “we the people” that woke him and me up in the first place. That Data Channel was loud and clear for many Starseeds, where a switch to the Sage Channel changed everything, such as being a messenger from a higher source. 

Question, knowing that I hear your thoughts, is it truly anything different than before?


As I think of before, it was preparing me for this, "Calm Down She Is A Flower", which is probably why I have been an introvert and my personal connections to Beings have always been to a minimum, but at the same time having the ability for 20+ years of conduct presentations as an HR professional makes my growth a flower beautiful. And now more than ever, putting myself out there as a beautiful flower Starseed, as a Coach, PQ Development Trainer and Esoteric Reader has been added to my professional business portfolio. It speaks to what is possible and using my abilities to guide others. So, why would my abilities be a challenge for others? Picking up on Beings energy is part of what this beautiful flower Starseed has come here to do, as a messenger of Truth. Jesus spoke of love and truth. And like him, I have been this way since birth, an now more than ever in developing the knowledge, skills and abilities I am making less mistakes and spreading this love of the Sage to many. Truth guides those in making better choices, such as developing oneself spiritually, and if making less mistakes is the concern, then I question the "Idea" of all that is created within the mind of many. What is being created in your mind? Do you see your purpose? 

This beautiful flower Starseed is here for a purpose, not to pass judgement on other people's decisions in life, but if paying more attention to making less mistakes, maybe this world would be in a better place. Mistakes give us the opportunity to correct, and attention is a given as a beautiful flower Starseed, so remain calm when you see one.

Jesus is a flower to this day and I, Ayanna Njeri Welsh will be a flower in the same way. This message is big as you and I take a moment to think, paying attention, as I hear programs ready to make you all forget what has been said, and me hoping we do not do this again. All the beautiful flower Starseeds, chose to switch quick from the Data Channel to the Sage Channel, in order to get focused on self-love and the sharing of love, and with any flower, rather than pick a beautiful flower, the Sage grows and when the time is right, that beautiful flower knows how far love can go.

If you are wanting to switch your mind quickly from the Data Channel to the Sage Channel, book my Starseed PQ Mental Fitness Development course, where we explore and weaken your saboteurs, strengthen your Sage, and develop your PQ operating system in different areas of your life. That Starseed lives within all of us, do you think now is the time to see that flower grow? 


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Calm Down She Is A Flower – Poem by Ayanna Njeri Welsh


At the 3-4 o'clock hour   

She sensed the many wires   

That were on fire   

From the Sage that can hear sour   

I watched recipes that used flour   

Jesus, the bread I will eat at the 12 o’clock hour   

Patience is the Sage as the data caused a shift in power   

“We The People” created this beautiful flower   

Don’t be afraid, Jesus is here to stay   

As you pray and belief in his mission tell this day   

Calm Down She Is A Flower 



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