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Concealed Ones

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

For some reason these lyrics came to mind, which is from a Kanye West song called Mercy and part of 2 Chains lyric is "All my cars is Foreign, All my broads is Foreign", which made me think 🤔.

Who Has a High Tolerance in experiencing something Different in the Flesh? Like if Thor, T'Challa, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, The Witcher, Superwoman, Aquaman, better yet GOD was standing in front of you. What would you do? Not as a character, but another type of being, such as Yourself.

Would you still see them as a character in a movie or alien, which has generally been depicted as something to be afraid of? Would you embrace, run or put every effort into trying to conceal the truth that there are other life forces walking amongst us. Or would you view it as foreign? Which we all are, wink, wink 😉 😜 👽. Kendrick Lamar, Kanye and several other artists have referred to themselves as a GOD, and that is easy to believe, right? The controversy. But really, what do you REALLY perceive as different? Is it what you see on T.V. as supposed fiction or me walking down the street, knowing that I am a Light Being, as I hear “she is the most powerful person on the planet”. Not what is depicted on the screen, but as a tiny but mighty being. Another example is when you hear or see something that's out of the ordinary, and you just can't believe, as you ponder, how can that be? 🤔

As I think of all the MIB and Transformer movies, there are lots of those “concealed ones”, as we all have an origin that can take us to another place beyond Earth. Earth is the field of your true revealing of self, from your birth as a star, to your experiences on earth as a star, and your star beyond earth.

The star within makes us all foreign, no matter what side of the street you or I live on, no matter your career, relationship or path taken in life. We are all born different, and whether you believe in a GOD, Thor, Aquaman etc., there is something really powerful that lives in all of us that makes us special. It is whether you want to tap into that unique side of yourself. It may not be as extreme as Aquaman for example, but you have a gift. It is what you do with that gift as a foreign being that determines your future. You can have the ultimate GOD head or the small head in this life or the next, depending on what type of concealed one you want to be. As I think of this head, it is what you chose to retain as knowledge beyond… So, I Am Foreign, and I Am the Ultimate GOD head. Do you have a High Tolerance in experiencing something different? The Key word is Different. This blog post ad has David Bowe as the image, which speaks to his unique style in creating art and my unique style of creating art, which makes us both different. Your Truth as a Concealed One, comes from within as a Star.

P.S. I find it so interesting how a lyric in a song can be transformed into a blog, which says a lot about how “different” is true creativity on many levels.



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