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Current Reality vs. Ideal Reality

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

What is your current reality? Is there something in your current reality that needs to be changed? What is your ideal reality? What can you do now to make it your ideal reality? These questions are relevant because you can make your current reality your ideal reality NOW.

We have all heard of law of attraction. If you see it, feel it, it can be manifested. So, when you think of your current reality, STOP. Stay focused on your ideal reality here and NOW. No more, but this or that.... What step(s) can you and I take now in making this happen? Yes, this sounds easier said than done, but is that a limiting belief that we keep telling ourselves? Big or small, this thing or feeling you want so bad, and you continually see it in your mind's eye, take the first step towards it NOW. Do not wait any longer. Again, if you can see it in your mind's eye, what can you do NOW to make it your ideal reality?

Take baby steps or big steps that will get you to your ideal reality. No more waiting for the right time. The right time is NOW. Dive headfirst into the deep end of that limiting belief and see how beautiful it feels when you come up for air. It is a feeling of, I DID IT!! That was not as difficult as it seemed. The outside world can project so much, it can seem difficult, but if you are driven by a desire that will bring you to your ideal reality, that first step, can take you to the next step, to the next step, and before you know it, you have reached your ideal reality. Having that understanding that all of what you want is possible, is a beautiful feeling. Keep that at the forefront of the mind in every step taken towards your ideal reality.

Doing this requires NOT looking outside of ourselves but going inward as to what feels right to you, not anyone else. If you can get to the realization of that, OMG, you will keep diving in headfirst all the time. This is a learning curve, as is life, so keep learning and growing in understanding what is in your power in making your current reality, your ideal reality here and NOW.

So, the question remains. Your soul is calling on you to do something that will bring you peace. What can you do NOW that will bring you closer to your ideal reality?

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