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Do You Connect to Something Greater than Yourself?

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Poem by Ayanna Njeri Welsh

“I have been pondering for the past hour or two as to what I want to write to you, as if this is my love letter that speaks of my truth, which can only be said between us too, as if we are in an old London telephone booth, looking at each other, like damn, you are cute, but I know there is so much more to you. No words can really describe what I want to say to you, for I feel it has already been said telepathically, which is so deep you see, as spiritual beings.”

The poem came about from the heart art above, which begs the question as a spiritual being, Do you connect to something greater than yourself?

This type of connection, some of you may or may not understand, but if you are open to the idea, then keep reading, if not, STOP, and move on to something that is more relatable to you. This applies to those who are living outside the box, see themselves as spiritual beings, curious about the feelings you are having spiritually and ready to explore more.

Yes, I am a transformational life coach, but I am also an intuitive tarot/oracle card reader, a spiritual divine being of love and light, who has done extensive research in developing my understanding of the esoteric, and of course my own spiritual growth journey, which in part, speaks to the spiritual coaching I offer to those who are waking up spiritually. Anyway, I digress, I am the out the box spiritual cat, which brings me back to my question, Do you connect to something greater than yourself? I do, and when I have those moments, it feels like a natural high that livens the mind, body, and soul. What is interesting, it sometimes just feels as though I am having a dialogue with myself, but on another level. It is like a mirror reflection, just different, lol.

Now, even though the poem stems from a photo, the message speaks to when you wake up spiritually, and the moments when you connect to something greater than yourself. It is a powerful tool that helps in providing a unique perspective on life. For example, sometimes when I have a lot on the mind, I meditate to focus and get clarity, so I can make a decision from a soul level. This type of connection can be more powerful than face-to-face interaction because you are diving deeper spiritually within yourself. Just imagine you talking to yourself in the mirror trying to figure out what to do, but seeing yourself on a higher level consciously.

This type of connection, which can feel as though it transcends space and time, but to put it in the most simplest form, it is Love; and all I can say, if you are experiencing some out the box spiritual stuff, have no fear, I am here. This type of change usually can be by you realizing how many times you've said, “this isn’t it", or "I've been down this road before" or literally, someone telling you to wake up. Whatever it is, it is nudging you to see that there is more to explore. This nudge varies, depending on where one is spiritually, but if you need guidance in navigating the changes you are feeling spiritually, reach out, speak, and start taking the lead in what you feel spiritually.

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