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Do You Like the Bed You've Made?

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Every day we wake up, do our thing, come home (unless you work from home), and at the end of each day, we either crawl, slide or jump into bed and then do it all over again. The bed that you get into, How Does It Feel? It could be the bed you get into every day, or someone else’s bed, such as a hotel bed, work bed or girlfriend's bed. This bed I am referring to is for a Whole 24 hours.

Generally, at the end of my day, I reflect, and I tend to ask myself several questions, which helps in determining what moves I make next. This process can be easy and at times challenging, but if you are now looking at the bed you've made, you're probably wondering, What questions should I be asking myself, so I can sleep better?

We have all heard the saying, You’ve Made Your Bed, Now Lie In It, and when I think back to certain times in my life, I ask myself, Why did I do that? That Why is so powerful, it can change your life daily, as you wake up everyday and make that bed. You are probably thinking of all the dump shit you’ve done in that bed, but how about the good you’ve done as well. Can you say to yourself, I like the bed I’ve made? If you can say, my good exceedingly outweighs the bad, then you are on a good path to sleep that brings you peace.

Peace of Mind is Key to a good sleep, and as a suggestion, think about the following, either at the beginning, middle or end of your day, in understanding your Why.

Data > Information > Knowledge > Wisdom

Again, as you look at the bed that you will either crawl, slide or jump into, take a moment to gather some Data, which can be by just evaluating how your day went, then based on that data, what Information has come to light that needs attention. This is when you dive a little deeper into Who, What, When, Where questions. This then brings you to Knowledge, which asks the question How. This “how” answer can be based on something from your past, present, and/or future. It is asking you How did I get here and do I like how it feels? With this knowledge, it leads to Wisdom, which is the Why. When you get to this point in answering the why, for me it feels like newfound freedom in the mind, body and soul, and this type of clarity can bring about so much change; as you now get into your bed, prepared for the next day, with a new outlook on your life.

So, Do You Like the Bed You've Made? Your answer will determine your next move, which I hope puts you in a groove that ask the questions: Do I Approve? Do I Improve? or Do I Remove?

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