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Updated: May 17, 2023

Poem by Ayanna Njeri Welsh

“Explore more is like a metaphor to opening new doors

All around, doors galore, you decide on which course

This is not by force, as you release the old from your pores

What has come to shore is an open door that was linked from before

As you laid silent on the floor, the pull moved you forward

Holding the key, enter, for it is so much more, that is for sure”

Who here wants to explore more?

Me of course. Exploring more can open so many doors in the mind, body, and soul, if you pay attention closely. On a daily basis I am exploring and experiencing something new that changes my view of self and the outside world. Have you read a book, went to the beach, took a walk in the park or taken a trip that expanded your entire being (the self), that changed your life? Think about it for a minute and focus on your being, not your identity.

Exploring more brings about an evolution of self in many ways, and below are two ways to explore more.

1. Pop those Old Bubbles

When you decide to expand your mind, body and soul, your senses change, perception change, behavior change, your entire being changes. This exploration helps you see differently to the point where you realize something of the past is no longer serving your being, and as a suggestion, popping those old bubbles of the past and releasing them into the ether, is truly an exploration of self that is freeing. Some of these old bubbles are difficult, but by releasing them from the mind, you are able to create a new home in the mind, that is brand new, and it is all on you in what you want to create within than space.

For example, when I exercise, I get an opportunity to spend time with myself. I get to explore my mind in different ways, and through that process, I am able to open up creatively, figure out solutions, grow spiritually and just have a better understanding of self. There are many ways to explore more, not just in taking a trip or reading a book. Spending that time alone is a beautiful exploration of self. So, start small and pop an old bubble, see how it feels, then go bigger.

2. New Home in the Mind

This new home in the mind is like a brand new toy, as a gift you receive from popping that old bubble. This new home, has opened your mind to new ways of thinking and being. For example, you have taken the time to reconnect with yourself after a breakup, and through, let’s say a year long process, you have discovered so much about yourself, that new doors of opportunity have now opened, and you are ready to fill this new home up with all that you have learned by spending that time with yourself. Another example, you recently took a trip that made you see art and people differently. That time alone exploring and reconnecting with self, made you realize so much about yourself, people, places and things, and you had to say, wait a minute something is different, as a new home in the mind opened up.

Regardless of whether you are on 1 or 2, it is just the beginning in exploring more.

Exploring more can come in many forms, but the best place to start is in the mind, body and soul. When you find out what is needed in those areas, the evolution of self is present in the moment and grows every day, week, month, and year. Explore all that is needed for your being to grow, not your identity. Your being in this world is the most powerful exploration and you want to be as healthy as possible. Take some time and evaluate what old bubbles need to be popped in order to open up a new home in the mind.

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