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High On Your Own Supply

“High On Your Own Supply will never run dry

As the water overflows with every dose that you chose

What was it? A book, a poem, reflection, a song or even a tock

Did it add to your elevated state, that took you to a higher place?

Look at your vein, the D.N.A is what you create with the supplies

Collected while you went from state to state, learning something new, wise

Supplies the cerebral membrane with a sensation that is retained

High On Your Own Supply, is the build-up to a great escape

Think positive with every step you make, as it takes you to your Godly Estate”

High On Your Own Supply is the knowledge you receive. Whether it was forced upon you, or you decided to learn something at your own discretion. The one’s forced upon you, think that through, as I see the basic general progression as a youth and the rules. Then the more interesting roads, the latter, are what really provides a supply that gets you high.  

College to me is the beginning of that interesting road, as it provides a certain level of freedom, or that trip you took to Ibiza that made you see life differently, or that ceramics course, or... So many things are available to you, even as you walk out of your house to exercise. The experience you decide, can get you high. What is your high? Is it one thing or many that will take you higher? For example, that art class, you can create so much that opens your eyes to what you see. It teaches you plenty. That day at the beach. Teaches you plenty. That job you took. Teaches you plenty. That guy you dated. Teaches you plenty. Take from all of it as it accumulates to a supply of knowledge that becomes part of your entire being. You can keep, change or omit in order to add to your Bank of Knowledge. That bank of knowledge changes over time, but the experience of it is enough to where it can be useful to something else you decide. 

Take a moment to think about all the things you want to add to your bank of knowledge. Where will it take you? Why do you want it? Understanding that all these highs, become part of your soul. You are feeding the soul what you desire within and trust, the soul will tell you what it truly seeks as it relates to your purpose and growth, which you will protect and at the same time share it with the world. Most importantly, over time you will know what is good for you, to where a Natural High is felt so deep, your Solar Plexus, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra start to speak, saying thank you for taking that leap.

This elevated state and maybe that brownie you ate, is where you see yourself so mighty, like a Goddess at that peak of a Pyramid, and seeing your mate on the other side on top of the Empire State. Knowledge is Power when you decide to explore more outside the confines of tradition. It is seeing through the eyes of many. You wouldn’t know how to play the violin if it wasn’t shown to you by someone else. Take what you have learned and make it your own. You’ll be surprised by what it creates because you decided to learn how to drive and build your own stage in this life.

All of what is in your bank of knowledge can be passed down to the Next Generation, and can truly be superior group of souls where in my case "in the begin there was how many", to where now, it has spread all over the universe, which by the way lives within. That soul from birth is on self-transcendence conscious level, where the air you breathe is in the 4 & 5D. High On Your Own Supply is the house, the business, the trip you took, the self you built inside and out. A masterpiece of a design that started from the first breath you took and now looking at the seeds you have produced, the supplies you chose and the soul accepting it is an energy that spreads beyond you. High On Your Own Supply is the soul knowledge that lives within and your essence, which is shown to you externally.

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