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Mind & Visualization Exercise

I created a Mind & Visualization Exercise 🧠💪 that might help, if you feel as though your mind is moving at a pace that doesn't feel as if it is your own. For example, your thinking of something and a thought unrelated pops up, and you wonder where did that come from. I experience this usually when I am in silent space or in deep thought. Silience in a quite space is very powerful, and if you are not used to silience, you might want to try this exercise for 30 minutes to start and then build yourself up to 2 hours as indicated in the image below.

You have the ability to control your mind by practicing this exercise and level up your thinking, focus and help in reaching a profound sense of awareness of self. Also in blocking those distractions. I have tried this twice (private and in public space) and I have seen my awareness increase. I will continue this exercise to increase my level of focus, but also build up my awareness of what is going on within me and around me.

Note: This exercise will literally feel like your exercising, so don’t be surprised if you feel exhausted and/or it might fuel you to move.

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