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Normalize the Spiritual Shift in Being

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

I recently finished reading A Shift in Being – The Art and Practices of Deep Transformational Coaching by Leon Vanterpool, and I will be providing several quotes from his book, as it will focus on normalizing spiritual shift in being.

The following quote speaks to my experience and many others shift in being; “perceiving tension and turmoil born of the process as a ‘problem to be solved’ rather than as the perfect functionality of dysfunction”. I am a prime example of these moments, and as I continue to progress as a spiritual being, I see life very differently as a perfect functionality of dysfunction. These stages or phases are “normal” as in anything that is new and given the choice, you can take on the challenge/obstacle or go in a different direction. These moments speak volumes as to what you are feeling on the inside, compared to what has been going on the outside; and like anything new, but on a spiritual level it feels as though you are in-between a rock and a hard place. The rock is what you already know, and the hard place is the unknown. I quote Leon Vanterpool, “how the disruption inherent in transformation can leave individuals feeling perplexed...”. This is the best space in the transformation process. You feel it in your soul, and in deciding to go towards the hard place, the transformation will continue as you progress spiritually.

This process will require you to make serious changes in your life, and for some reason the idea of “less is more”, comes to mind. You start to realize, I quote “if love or peace or harmony is not the norm, then anything that does not align with that norm may be stifled in an attempt to defend the status quo”. You see the status quo and you see your soul. Something within is pulling you in a direction, that makes you think, Is this for real? Yes, it is, and you are not alone. What you are experiencing is an “internal shift”, and part of my responsibility as a transformational life coach, is to guide you through that internal shift.

This shift is beautiful and challenging at times, and to truly see that transformation, having one foot in and one foot out is not an option for a complete transformation. Your awareness is key and a powerful piece in making this change, and you get to decide each step of the way. As a prime example, that feeling or what you are sensing is undeniable. It showed up for me in my mid 20s and I ignored it, but in my late 30s, it just happened and that tug of war within myself just came to an end, and I went all in. Going all in is a continues process, and as you progress you become stronger in your understanding of the internal shift.

In the book, he provides an excellent example of what one may go through in this internal shift, which I hope will be helpful in realizing that what you are experiencing is normal.

“Metamorphosis for a caterpillar is a process of death and emergence, not morphing. Wrapped in the cocoon, its body decays and disintegrated into a blob of primordial goo, a nutrient-rich stew of death cells mixed with some bits and pieces of the caterpillar’s innards. Then one day something remarkable happens: in the midst of the puddle of decaying ooze, a new cell pops up----ping! These cells have been called ‘imaginal cells’ because they are imagining what is possible. The immune system of the dying caterpillar, taking the imaginal cell to be some sort of enemy form, attacks and kills it. Another imaginal cell then pops up----ping!----and the immune system again trounces it. Soon a number of imaginal cells pop up----ping!----ping!----ping!----and the immune system, although it’s beginning to fail from the stress of death, continues to fight. In time, however, the imaginal cells pop up faster and in greater numbers than the fading immune system can kill them off. And then, because the imaginal cells are encoded with a program to create a butterfly, they start joining together to form cell clusters of wings cells, antenna cells, digestive tract cells and others take form. The cell clusters eventually form together, and the transformation is complete----the butterfly emerges as an altogether new entity.

The caterpillar and the human experience are similar, if you view the cocoon as your world and the dead cells as things, places and people that are no longer serving your soul. You can continue to fight of the “imaginal cells” with your dead cells, but eventually those imaginal cells will override the dead cells, but again, it is a choice. You must let go to transform into the butterfly. In doing so, you start to realize new things within, such as a different level of intuition, awareness and clarity within yourself. I have thought about what I can compare it to, but the only thing I can think of is an immaculate conception, like how is that possible. These gifts have been dormant and/or hidden knowledge speaks to a higher purpose and mission in life. The internal shift has you asking yourself some of the following questions: Who Am I? Why am I here? What do I really value? What is truly important in this moment? What else is there in life? What is my life purpose or mission? This is a perfect time to reflect on what you are experiencing. Trust, as you progress, what you are experiencing is real and it is possible. This is part of the internal shift in being, and it is normal.

If you are experiencing this spiritual shift in being, try my Less is More Exercise, which I literally just created:

Create a list of the things that you view as normal in your world.

Create a list of all the things you are feeling and experiencing within your soul.

What are the things that are normal that do not align with what your soul is telling you.

What are the small steps or big steps that you can take that will get you closer to your soul's purpose/spiritual journey?

These small or big steps will open the door to your purpose and your spiritual journey will unfold. Again, in the beginning you may not know what your purpose is, I didn’t, but as I continued to progress it was revealed. Open the door and see where it leads, and over time it will feel normal, like second nature. This will show you the unique side of who you are as a being.

Poem by Ayanna Welsh

Let Me Coach You

Let me coach you in handling what has been challenging you

All your experiences make you, you

Ask yourself, does it have power over you?

Pleasure, pain, success, or failure, all can determine your next move

Who are you on that avenue, which will determine your next mood

Left, right, neither you see, look up and take a seat

As I plant a seed, that will help you rise above the past feeds

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