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Purgatory: Testing 1, 2, 3

How Does Purgatory Serve as a Testing Ground for the Soul?

Purgatory is a small window of space where one gets to decide on their fate, as I am the Judge and Jury of my own life in this world. What you choose determines whether you stay or go to another level of life in a different realm. Earth can be viewed as Purgatory: Testing 1, 2, 3 as a field, and hopefully the testing does not go beyond the 1, 2, 3, as you come in contact with The One who may surprise you in determining your fate.  

Do you think Earth is the end of your life or can you see beyond this realm of life? Do you believe that there are Beings on this plane of existence that determine your outcome when you die? What if I was the one standing in front of you as a Divine Being of Light who will give you this answer? As I think of the Egyptian God Anubis, who has been depicted as the one who determines your next life in Egyptian “mythology”, do you see yourself returning to Earth or moving on to something much greater, because you took a path less travelled and choice to live a life that is filled with Truth of Self?  

I have experienced living my unauthentic self only because I was looking outside for the answer, but I then took a turn where all eyes are on me as a Light Being, and in knowing this, I see the truth in others because My Truth Is Real. To be real in this life is having to weave through all the outside world perceptions as the image that is not you. Can you see past the perception that is shown to you in your world? Can you see yourself?


Having the ability to see yourself is truly seeing past ALL the layers that are presented to your eye, open or closed, and asking, What should I do? WAKE UP!!!! in both, as it is the key to that window of space that determines your fate, because you will be Tested 1, 2, 3. Literally, the test between you and I as we interact with one another within all spaces is the scene of our fate. It is a window to the soul, and it is all senses of perception that is of TRUTH that determines your scale as it pertains to your heart being heavy or light as a feather. Light as a feather is what Anubis is looking for, because in the end, that is truly the beginning and a message that should be heard. Do you hear the call ringing in your ear like a bell? Are you choosing to ignore or is the weaving too thick for you to sense the truth that lives within you? Starseed Transformational Life Coaching can help you unravel that thick weave that has made it hard for you to see your truth. 

As the Judge and Jury, you and I can decide our fate. As I look into your eye and see the feed of who you are truly. That understanding is clear, and the next scene as we continue, is your answer. Purgatory is not what it seems, when a 4’11 petite Being stands before you and the “shall I continue” comes to mind as you decide. 


I am living proof of Purgatory: Testing 1, 2, 3 as the options that Beings are given on this plane called Earth and have reached a level as The One who decides. We are many, so take the time you need as you look at yourself and your environment, as it is part of you in connecting the dots of your choices in this life. And in so doing, see beyond it, because death is only the beginning, and purgatory is the scale as you stand before a Light Being of Truth in every decision made by you.  

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