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Reflect on Your Success-Get Ready for 2023!!!

As this year comes to an end, I am taking this time to reflect on all my successes. These successes, for some reason, are a feeling of true progress on a level that can only be explained by the beholder. With that said, there are a few KEY words that reflect my feeling of success, and I know that these words will continue to push me and hopefully you as we ride this journey of life into the new year.

Resilience is having “the capacity to withstand or recover quickly from difficulties; toughness”. Having the ability to bounce back mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually from adversity says a lot about a person's level of intelligence, and for me it speaks of letting go. As I reflect on just yesterday, those moments in time speak to who I am today as a sign of resilience. Whether you experience something good, bad, in-between or the unknown, our resilience is a testament of our strength.

This strength gives us the ability to Progress, which is “forward or onward movement toward a destination.” For me pursuing this career as a Life Coach required me to take those baby steps towards completion of the course, and then creating a business as a Life Coach. Through this process of progression, I had to face many challenges, but I persevered and the reward in not giving up has shown me something that is completely out the box. So, keep going, keep moving forward and do not allow anything to get in the way of your desired destination.

My desired destination speaks to my Soul Comfort and nothing else. This Soul Comfort has many levels, which made it somewhat difficult to define, but to keep it as simple as possible, it is a “state of ease or well-being". It is something that comes from within, and it is truly a light that shines brightly, if you choose to connect with something higher than yourself. This progression of getting to soul comfort requires a lot of work on self, and this year, I did a lot of work. I can definitely pat myself on the back, and so should you if you are on that path of spiritual soul growth. Well Done!! So much more to come.

Spiritual soul growth has made me realize my Life’s Purpose, and once you realize what that is, trust me, you will not lose sight of it. It will be stamped on your forehead, as if given the sight to see beyond you. Life’s Purpose has many meanings for different people. It can be as simple as your reason for getting up every morning or getting a 2nd job. Your purpose guides your life decisions, it influences your behavior, it helps you decide on what goals you want to accomplish; it gives you a sense of direction, and I think most of all, it gives you a meaningful life. For me, it is to be of service to others. This blog provides some form of service to others. Big or small, your life’s purpose creates an impact that is felt intrinsically.

I can think of sooooo many key words, but my point is to reflect on your successes. Celebrate your successes big or small. Every day we are winning. Completing the Jay Shetty Certification School ( was a huge win for me. Maybe getting that promotion, graduating college, relocating, getting a divorce, getting married, having your first child, becoming more health conscious, being more optimistic than pessimistic, letting go of what no longer serves you, trying something new, forgiving and loving yourself more, etc. Take a time out and reflect on your successes and prepare for more as 2023 door opens for all of us to walk through successfully.

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