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Self Love is Orgasmic - Rated RL (Real Love)

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Have you felt so in love with yourself it feels orgasmic? That Self Love climax in reaching a point of ecstasy so explosive it takes your breath away.

This process of loving yourself is shown to you every day and in every moment as you discover more and more about who you are authentically. Below, I will share with you some of the things I do to reach Self Love climax:

1) I started seriously journaling my life. When I started, I did not know how helpful journaling can be, but when you have those moments, and you need to get what is in your head on paper, it helps in getting clarity, and as I look back from then to now, it is truly orgasmic. The evolution of self.

2) I took the process further in becoming more spiritual and connecting to a higher calling of who I am, which is “the self” and in being of service. Meditating, spending time with myself and being of service, provides a level of self love beyond just you; and when I woke up spiritually, it truly opened me up to so much more than what is on the surface. It opened a space within my soul that speaks very loudly in loving yourself first.

3) I then took it a step further with exercise and eating healthy. I exercise almost every day and I am mindful of what I put in my body. What you consume affects the mind, body, and soul, and you want to be healthy in all three areas. Take those baby steps.

4) Then comes knowledge and wisdom. When you want to become a better version of yourself, you will take the steps necessary to obtain knowledge. Through books, taking a course, watching something educational, etc. When you expand your mind, you will start scratching your head more, lol.

Loving yourself requires investing in yourself. It is NOT an expense; it is the ultimate reward of Self Love. I have shared that journaling, becoming more spiritual, exercising, eating healthy and continuous learning has helped me. Now it is time for you to figure out what works for you, if you want, we all have a choice; but let me tell you, OMG, there is no orgasm like Self Love. Think about the first step towards that release of pure ecstasy in loving yourself. Getting to that point of ecstasy will be different for everyone, but trust me when I say, that Self Love orgasm is a constant explosion of happiness and joy, every day and in every moment as you continue to work on you. It can literally put you in a state of ecstasy that can only be described and felt by you, because it is you who is making this happen for yourself and your soul.

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