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Shakti, The Rabbit & The Hungry, Hungry Hippos

Updated: May 11

A short story about stepping outside-the-box that opens doors to what is possible when you decide to be of Stillness & Silence. Where it leads is unknown, but with every step forward in being of love, more is shown to you as you create that path that leads to another door being opened. You hold the key as it lives within you, and as it is presented to you, the choice is yours to open that door that appears, ready for your arrival, as a gift in being true to yourself. The steps forward is your foundation that represents the love you have for yourself and others, as you may face illusionary challenges, keep moving forward with a purpose and mission in mind, as it creates the key that opens the next door on your journey in this life

Shakti, The Rabbit & The Hungry, Hungry Hippos
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