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The Acting In Real Life is Obvious No Audience Because it is Ominous

“When The Acting In Real Life is Obvious 

No Audience because it is Ominous 

Which says a lot about my Clairvoyance and Clairaudience 

Acting in real life depends on your type, which is evidence 

As I think, what would be the consequence, if I am not honest


Acting in real life, as I've seen is difficult, because staying in character is the ordeal 

Pretend, pretend, no privacy as this is 24 Sev, a decision that is “real”  

Trying to create a feel, what is the deal? Do you have the ability to keep it real? 

No Audience because it is Ominous  

This is why acting is on the screen and not my residence” 


Acting in real life serves a purpose as you practice for an interview, prepare for a presentation, rehearse your lines for an audition or knowing the questions you will ask on a first date and have an idea of the response. But acting in real life is so much more when it comes to who you are 24 Sev. The real authentic you. This acting has several layers in real life, and the truth of who you are will be shown in time and in a particular space. 

This space, on one of my many exercising moments, revealed truths that are real in who I am and who others are, as I observed the actions, acting of others, which made no sense as I wanted it to make sense. The light inside and the light outside was not in sync, because the expectation was ominous. And I quote Jay Shetty“The role you play in someone else’s life won’t always match the role they play in yours”. So, if it doesn’t' sync, that is ok, and you understand why, which says a lot about a layer being peeled back in your Awareness. 

These layers of acting in real life can get so condensed that one can lose sight of who they really are. Who have I become in this scene and why? It looks like the expectation is a presumption of the role you and I play, but in seeing truth, the role you play can change, as it has for me.  

As I think of where I have been and where I am now, my role in this life is a complete 180, and this new role is due to my spiritual advancement. This 180 could be different for you, but when you go in a direction that is not paved or you just change the script on everyone, because you’ve realized that you are the writer, editor, producer and actor, the so-called “end game” is a liberating feeling. You see that acting authentically brings out more within the scene of your life because you are the lead in every moment.  

Now, the outside world plays their part, and they can either walk this unpaved path with you or not, it is a choice, but whatever decision is made, you continue to be as authentically you as possible. This may mean that some of these scenes will have an end. For example, you will let go of old relationships and new ones will come into view, as you write the script, which makes your audience worth seeing, enjoying and authentically connected to the real you. The scenes are no longer ominous but prosperous and has purpose, where the real you is that Star 🌟. 




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