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The Answer is Within

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

I had a tough time figuring out a title for this post, but I know by the end I will have the Answer. And that is key, is to find the Answer within ourselves in what we want in a partner. So, the question is, What do you want in a relationship?

This relationship stuff can get really sticky, if we ourselves do not know the Answer, which should indicate, maybe I should not play around with the idea of being in relationship until I do. And as I look back on my past relationships, I see that they have all taught me something, sometimes repeatedly; I have been here before, just different, and you have that oh god, not again moment. But see, even in repeat offenses, you learn and grow from it, and that is what life is all about, experiences.

Then comes the question, Why do I keep attracting the same type? And another question, Where does this stem from? See, this is what I do as a transformational life coach. I ask lots of questions to get to the root of a problem, and in doing so, the client finds the Answer. I digress, when you find out the root cause, you start taking the steps to change yourself, first, then progress in manifesting a relationship that is sooooo different from what you are used to, because You are now different. Seeing this with a new pair of eyes, is an amazing feeling. This is why a love change, it does something so miraculous in the mind, body and soul, you can only smile from the inside, first.

That smile on the inside, comes at the right time (there really is no time, but that is another topic) and you can say to yourself, I can now envision my future partner. Maybe even, The One. That sounds awesome to say, The One, it has a nice ring to it. Who said 1+1=3? Josef Albers and Edward Tufte (food for thought). I digress, the point is, when this interaction occurs, you, both of you will know. It is much deeper than the exterior attraction. That smile will come from the inside, and you will know. You will have the Answer.

All our relationships: intimate, family, friends, colleagues, randoms, the list can go on; but to understand that none of it defines who you are today. Look at the past as just that, the past, and be present in who you are now and what you want in a partner. So, go within before stepping out, and the Answer will be presented to you in many ways, that will change your whole perspective on loving yourself and loving another.

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