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The Hamster Wheel Has No Appeal

Poem by Ayanna Njeri Welsh

The Hamster Wheel Has No Appeal

As you peel back the layers that reveal the steel, speeding past the raw deal

No need to look back, as the racetrack picks up dust, no need to adjust

As the hamster wheel is no longer producing any trust

High in the stands, looking down as the wheel combust

A fire erupts, that reaches the skies above, causing clouds to form tear ducts

No longer going round and round, this invisible crown, that is profound

Don’t cool down, for your Wheel of Life has a healthy balance all around, touchdown, as you move uptown

Before you read any further, what are 3 positive things that you got from this poem? And is it something you can create or build upon in your life’s journey?

Take some time to look at all areas of your life, as if looking back at yourself, and not comparing yourself to anyone else. Be in this state for as long as it takes. Journal or make note of what you have observed and learned, and ask yourself, Is there more to your life than what has been prescribed? If you say yes, then take this mini test (link below), to evaluate your Wheel of Life. I have taken this test, and there are a few areas that I am working on that will require baby steps every day until I reach my wheel of life goals.

Once you have taken this test and feel that you need support or guidance in reaching your goals, please book a FREE 75 Minute Discovery Session. I am here to help you uncover and/or discover those blocks to your success and overcome those hurdles, to reach your goals.

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