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The Idea...

Updated: Mar 7

The Idea Scene: Ma’at was walking down the street when a man approached. This is the conversation. 

Man: Hi 

Ma’at: Hi 

Man: I see you walk these streets with ease, and I wonder how that can be 

Ma’at: Why do you wonder how that can be? 

Man: Because I know who you are 

Ma’at: Who am I? 

Man: Everything and nothing 

Ma’at: Interesting, and that Leads you to know that I walk these streets with ease 

Man: Yes 

Ma’at: (I think to myself, why approach in the first place?) Is there anything else you would like to share with me in this knowing 

Man: Yes 

Ma’at: Ok, what is that? 

Man: I want to get to know how 

Ma’at: See, that is where you messed up 

Man: How? 

Ma’at: You said that you know that I am everything and nothing. So, you wanting to get to know "how" is a lie, because you already know. You might want to rethink what you really want, and being that you know my field, it would not be hard to find me when or if you come again. 

Man: You are too much for me 

Ma’at: Lol, lol. Yes indeed, so where do you think this will lead? 

Man: (Man is thinking) 

Ma’at: You need time and space to think this through, so I will continue on my path and I shall see where it leads 


The Idea is powerful, and it leads to something that I remain hopeful about, as I see the only solution to an Idea should end positively. The Idea alone in it ending positively can be an interesting concept, and as a Transformational Life Coach, I can take a negative and find the positive within it. The Idea is created and is an Extremely Powerful Force Field of Energy. The words we use have extreme power that we can get very lost in, if we don’t understand its Origin, and in the process lose sight of where it can Lead.  

If you look at that short scene above and decipher some of the words used, the Idea of those uses create more than what is actually being said. Break down the Idea of Ma’at being “everything and nothing”. He also said, “I know”, the Idea of “know” says a lot as you think of a total stranger walking up to you and saying, “I know who you are”. Now, a normal person may be in fear of that, but not Ma’at, as the Idea of “fear” is just an Idea that leads to something that is not real. I hope you all are catching on to what an Idea is. An Idea is defined as “a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action. The aim or purpose”.

Can you think of a ripple effect of an Idea from just one word, sentence, question, comment being used? Where did it lead? Can you dive deeper into the words used?

The origin of it and your analysis of it can change where it leads. Another example is someone constantly repeating the same thing, when you know you heard it the first time. What is the motivation behind it? It can be positive or negative. It can be love or hate, but in either case you decipher it as it pertains to where it leads.


These words used are extremely important as you connect the dots as they relate to each other. For example, a colleague saying, “you should go on a date with him, he fits your description”. Now, how can your colleague make that assumption from working together? Your colleague knows nothing of your personal life to assume 😉😉. The Idea is you now deciding what should I do and where will this lead. I am more interested in my colleague's assumption than the date. This is diving deeper into what is being said and by whom. The Idea is intriguing to me, as it relates to words used rather than the actual act of doing it. The ripple effect of words can cause so many changes in one’s emotional intelligence. Are the things being said lifting you up, bringing you down or are you curious?

The scene above has so many interesting parts to it, and as I envisioned it, I thought of it as an Idea and where it could lead. Don’t look at everything said, done, etc., at face value, the lead is much more interesting as you explore more of the words used. Listen to the Idea. The Idea is so powerful that your whole life can end up revolving around it. Is your life revolving around an Idea? Do you have the ability to remove the emotion, the habit, the pattern, the people, the etc., around this Idea? Think about the layers surrounding this Idea, as it can either help you grow or not grow.

Growth is the exploration of the Idea and no growth is a stuck mentality. If you “feel” stuck, and you want to get past the Idea of that “feel”, Starseed Transformational Life Coaching is available. The scene above is a prime example of a “feel”, when he said, “you are too much for me”. What does that “feel” mean as it contradicts him saying, “I want to get to know how”. Listen to the Idea.

The Idea...

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