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The Magi Who is Ageless

“The Magi Who is Ageless

Has the appearance of a youth, an Empress 

From a time of “Matter of Britain”, Merlin, no need for press


The experience that is all hair and make-up, makes us blessed 

The black dress is elegant, with an opal as my necklace 

Not sorceress, more like progress when you connect with oneself 

Ageless, comes from the outside world, as they speak of chess 

The address with every step, is a success, when you see the game, and have no interest 

The access is sent to those that are centered, up and down is a benefit 

Aries, one of many that sends messages to the Adept 

The Magi Who is Ageless, because she knows the truth, a king within, no regrets” 

This poem is looking at the outside world in every experience as an opportunity for soul growth. Those days at home relaxing, or at a restaurant, exercising on a field, interacting with another being, the scenes of your life, are all experiences for growth. It is what you do within that time and space that really determines your age.

When I look at myself, I don’t see the exterior, I see the soul or spirit that lives within me as my age. My flesh will change with time, but my soul is ageless, from the perspective of wisdom and knowledge, and the experience is the soul of ageless progression.  

For example, let’s say you attend an event, and you are at a table with like-minded people, your soul will progress. Another example, let us say you went out to eat and mingled with people that are not on your page, your soul will progress. Your soul levels up depending on your action in either scenario. It is seeing who you are and using the experience as an opportunity for growth and become ageless in the processes by not allowing your experiences to age you. 

Our souls want to get back to their origin of purity, but life has a way of changing the percentage based on our experiences. We start with a 100% charged battery, and as we grow through time and space, it can change, fluctuate depending on the setting we place ourselves in. Think of those times that not you, but your Soul was Happy. What was it that did that for you? It can be as simple as instead of eating a candy bar you decide to eat fruit, which is sweet and healthy. That changed the percentage of your soul growth. What if you continued that path and ended up changing your entire diet? This not only benefits your soul, but all that Houses your Soul.  

Your ageless soul has lived many lifetimes. What in this lifetime will bring your soul as close as possible to purity like a newborn baby? Is it changing your career, where you live, or spending time with a person you normally would not spend time with, which could change everything? Or deciding to stand up for yourself in the face of adversity and just saying enough is enough. How did that feel in your soul? Change the game when it comes to your soul. Think of your soul in every experience, and say, will this make my soul grow or seen as a lesson learned? Whatever you decide to do, you have no need to worry, if you are aware of it. This Awareness speaks of your outcome, and that outcome should make you feel ageless. I am learning every day that these are all scenes of our life, and you have the power to control the experience with awareness. 

As I write this, I think of those fluctuating moments in my life, but with Awareness I changed for the better, not for me but for my soul. The “me” has evolved, because I stepped outside myself and looked at my soul, and asked, Is it lit? This is a simple technic you can use every day as you check in with yourself. Do you need more green to keep that battery at 100%? What area of my life needs more green? You make sure your phone is charged at 100%, right? Do the same with your soul. Moving in that direction is what matters and powerful, as you see yourself evolve and still get I-Ded at the bar. 

Your environment speaks to this change, which can be calm or an illusion of confusion or chaos. In either, check in with your soul, in order for it to remain light, bright, charged and not being aged by the experience. Below are a few other ways to remain ageless?  

Ageless Tools: 



-Healthy diet 

-Proper Rest 

-Drink lots of water 

-Take a long shower (letting the water just run like a waterfall) or a bath 

-Get a massage 

-Be in nature 

-Take a drive to clear your head 


-Listen to calming music 

-Talk to someone you can trust/Connect with like-minded people  

Several of these tools can be used. Find 2 or 3 that are easily accessible, enjoyable and challenge you for the better, as it charges your ageless soul. This is your opportunity in this lifetime to be ageless and use that soul magic as fuel.  

Look at every part of your life and see it as a soul charge battery. With practice, you will physically touch yourself, thinking in that moment, I am beaming with light 🌟. You will feel how magical a being you truly are.  

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