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Yes, Cinnamon Is A Brand

2023 has begun, and for those of you who are wanting to leave a Mark that not only changes yourself but others as well, in a positive way and seen beyond your lifetime, speaks to your Brand as a human being in this world.

When I think of a brand, I associate it with something that carries a level of legendary status. Think about it for a minute. All the Big Brands in this world can be associated, with one word or short phrase. For example, I see the following brands as such:

Formula 1 = Focused and Speed, Nike = Just Do It, Egypt = The Pyramids, Lionel Messi = Soccer, Alicia Keys = Piano, Brad Pitt = Fine, Ayanna = Beautiful Flower, Maya Angelou = Poet, Converse Sneakers = California, Bob Marley = Lover of Life and Awareness, Michael Jackson = His Smile and Music, HBO/Netflix/Disney/The Discovery Channel = Entertainment & Educational, Sage = Cleansing, Morgan Freeman = Great Actor, Cinnamon = Beautiful Scent, Money = Tool, Emerald = Birth Stone, Black Panther = A Movement/Very Beautiful Black Cat, Samsung = Tech Giant, Thor = Avengers, Kendrick Lamar = Lyricist, NASA = Think Beyond Earth, Prince = Purple Rain. Please by all means, create your own. I had fun doing this.

I can think of so many brands, but just sharing the above made you think; cinnamon, yes, even cinnamon carries a lot of weight and is definitely legendary status. When you think of yourself as a brand, what do you want it to represent? My name Ayanna (Beautiful Flower) Njeri (Daughter of a Warrior) Welsh (Wales) carries a lot of weight, and I say thank you to my dad for the name. I did not think much of it when I was younger, but as I got older, it speaks volumes and I have embraced it fully. Now, let us go beyond your name, Who Are You On the Inside? Are You Proud of Yourself as that Brand? And Why?

Asking yourself these questions pertains to who you are as a person and/or what you associate yourself with and sets the tone that goes beyond you. For example, when I look at my business as a Transformational Life Coach, I know the foundation is based on Love. Love is at the core, and from that, logo, slogan, services, story, culture, image, etc., is a representation of Me. Your brand should put you in a position that is promising, that represents your personality and story that others can relate to beyond your lifetime.

This branding thing may not be important to you, but by just asking yourself, Who Do I Want to Be in this World, should be enough that sparks some fireworks for you this year that will make you feel proud. I mean, just figuring out this question is an accomplishment. It is love of self.

Say to yourself, I will take the first step this year towards......

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