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You Must Die, In Order To Live

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

When one decides to go WITHIN, there is a lot of letting go of the external things that seem To matter. Like really, did I need to purchase those shoes, or interview with that company that does not fit me or take me to the next level of my journey. When you get to a certain level spiritually in understanding who you are, you start to evaluate what really matters within your soul and not what is of matter.

My career as an HR professional was something I had to figure out, which became a long-term career path, but I had to explore through internships and volunteering to determine if that was what I wanted to do professionally. I volunteered in a nursing home, and in doing so, I realized that profession and environment was not for me. I then explored other working environments, such as marketing, which where all great experiences, but for some reason, my HR internship with the Four Seasons stuck with me, and I developed my skills and abilities in all areas of HR within different industries. But then a spiritual shift occurred, which took me a minute to figure out and changed my world completely. Through the process I had to die in order to live, by connecting to something greater than myself. This transition led me to pursue life coaching, which is a great transition from HR. In addition, through this death process, I then tapped into my creative side, which included my marketing and advertising skills. The transition required me to literally step outside myself and actually see myself as MORE. BIGGER than the 4’11 100lb being that is seen by many.

You Must Die, In Order To Live, is not about what you do on a day-to-day basis, it is truly looking within yourself and seeing your life purpose, mission and what you hold in high regard pertaining to your values. If your day-to-day does not align with your new view on life, then make that change. I had to let go of a lot, which ultimately led to me feeling lighter in my mind, body and soul. That realization is a weight being lifted but gaining a higher level of consciousness. So, ask yourself, is there something within you that is MORE, BIGGER than YOU? What is that? How do I go about discovering more of what that is? What is going on around me that is preventing me from seeing my true calling in life?

This process can start by reflecting on your day. For one week, observe yourself and the external world as soon as you wake up, during your day and when you come home. What do you see? My death process took years, and I am still learning more and more about who I am every day, but the most important part is that I see me as so much MORE, a bright Star 🌟 that is Powerful and Beautiful at its core. The depth of this understanding of self, requires a curious mindset, and that Why, becomes More Why, which for me has led to a lot of death, in order to live.

“The secret of life it to die before you die – and find that there is no death” - Eckhart Tolle

This blog was inspired by that quote, which I have made my own in how I try to live selflessly in any way that can be of service to others, and being a Transformational Life Coach is one of many. And of the many, from a spiritual perspective, you can hear it telepathically say, “Thank You”. That is a level of clarity in the mind, not cluttered by matter, and the To Live part has awakened.

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