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Your Spirit Has the Power to Pivot Your Vision

Updated: May 23, 2023

Take a moment and imagine that you are at home, and you see all that is inside as it continues to grow. Something on the inside of your home is telling you, time for a complete 180 shift to your Vision. You have a choice, but your Spirit is speaking loud and clear, and you know that a Higher Power is no joke. So, you take a step back, reflect, analyze, and strategize the best approach, holding your vision, which speaks to your Mission, and is at the center of your Soul. This change within your home is Powerful, because it has created a new space that is bigger than the previous picture you envisioned. As you balance, breathe, counting 1-2-3 dive deep, come up and release; knowing that your home just received an upgrade as an Expansion to your vision.

This process of change can be difficult for some, especially if you are holding on to a person, place or thing that you know needs to go, but you decide to see the bigger picture, which is what? The Unknown. This is really what is at the core, the not knowing, but if you think about it for a second, did you know that you would be where you are now? Nope

Change is good, especially if it still leads to your vision and mission in this life as a Being. We experience change every day, some big and some small that go unnoticed, but when something inside spiritually says move, you Move. I have learned, by not listening to the call, it will keep coming knocking at your door just in a different form. For example, how many times have you said, I am going to stop eating dinner so late, because you find it difficult to fall asleep and you wake up not feeling well rested. Another example, you keep saying you are going to prepare your meals for the week to cut the cost of eating out, but you keep doing it, and at the end of each week you say to yourself, where did my money go? These are visions that need to be pivoted. This may be minor or major to some, but a pivot is a pivot.

Listen to call within and if you choose, focus on the following and ask yourself these questions.


Love is at the core of your vision. Do you still feel the love of your vision with this pivot? Then ask yourself, how can I love this change and use it to your advantage from a growth perspective?


This dream of yours came from somewhere, which is why you have not lost sight of it. Do you still see your dream becoming a reality with this pivot? Then ask yourself, how can this pivot expand your dream?


You believe in your vision. Do you still believe in your vision with this pivot? How can you continue believing in your vision with this pivot?

Love, Dream and Believe during the process. It is the Process that should be the Focus, not the result. Yes, the leap is a big decision, but the journey in that unknown space requires a mindset of high positive energy that leads to your Upgraded Vision, which is also unknown as it will unfold. Keep love at the core, hold on to that dream and believe in yourself, your Higher Self and Spirit.

Say hi to the change as it is a message from above filled with love.

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