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About Me

Welcome to Starseed Transformational Life Coaching:


In 2019, a series of events made me want to make a change in my personal life, and from those experiences I was determined in becoming a better version of myself. I was motivated in wanting to understand the Why. The Why led to awareness, curiosity, and a deep exploration of self. That exploration of self has led me on a path that continues to amaze me on a spiritual soul growth level. This journey of self has helped me realize that a big part of my life's journey, is to be of service to others, which started when I decided to major in and pursue a career in Human Resources, 19 years ago, and has now turned it into being a Certified Life & Success Coach + Starseed Positive Intelligence (PQ) Developer. With 2 degrees related to Human Resources and Management, I have developed the knowledge, skills, abilities and life experience to serve you as a Transformational Life Coach + PQ Developer. 

I give credit to myself for taking the first step, but also to Jay Shetty Podcast and other positive life changers on YouTube. I then joined Jay Shetty Genius group, which then led to the fully accredited Jay Shetty Certification School. Through my desire in wanting to understand the Why, my path has led me here as a Certified Life & Success Coach + Starseed PQ Developer, where I guide my clients to becoming a better version of themselves, mind, body and soul


I have helped my clients break through the obstacles that are holding them back in life, and life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Let me guide you to learn and develop better ways to handle the change you desire within your soul. Get in touch today to see what I can do for you to enhance what is already there and brought forward to bring about your desired change. 

As an added bonus to my development as a spiritual being, I also offer:

- 3 Weeks of Starseed Positive Intelligence (PQ) Development

- Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Reading

- Medium and Psychic Reading

The esoteric service has been explored and expanded upon in the past few years in my ability to connect with something much greater than myself, which to me is of a Higher Power or Source Creator. This started in 2019 when I received that "call" to wake up spiritually, and has expanded in my understanding of intuition, six senses, extra sensory perception, heightened awareness and reaching a level of self-transcendence. If you are interested and want to explore more through a reading as a spiritual being, book a session and see where it can lead. 



As a Mindset & Spiritual Coach, the purpose is to provide a service where the client can see the difference made on a holistic soul journey perspective, where the client see's that they are already whole and complete by going within, and taking the necessary steps towards what is being desired. In addition, develop the skills needed to maintain this change by using Starseed Positive Intelligence (PQ) framework within the clients mind daily.  



Be of service to those wanting inner happiness, peace and harmony while helping the client find their own sense of wholeness. 



Provide a service that is of: Respect, Honesty, Spirituality, Empathy, Challenge Comfort, Progress, Perseverance, Integrity, Determination, Joy, Success, Self-Love, Reflection, Awareness, Motivation, Intuition, and All Positive Words that stimulate growth of the mind, body and soul. 



"Ayanna is very dedicated to her clients. She creates a safe space to share. She listens really well and takes notes, which makes me feel like my words are important. She helps guide me to understanding myself more by asking great questions. I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Ayanna!" - Oksana Shlonimskaya

"The sessions I had with Ayanna where an empowering experience for me, she structured the sessions while allowing me the space to talk and self explore. With her help I discovered I had within me the solutions to overcoming my own obstacles. Absolutely Amazing!" - Cassie Scott

Starseed Transformational Life Coaching is based on the foundation of love, and I am here to share that love as your coach.


Thanks for subscribing!

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