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Frequently Asked Questions

How can coaching help me?

Coaching can help you clarify goals and identify manageable steps to achieving them. Coaching can help you understand ways you may be blocking yourself, and help you discover strategies to overcome those blocks to your success. It is particularly helpful when you are highly motivated and keen to take on tasks outside of the meetings.

What happens during a life coaching session?

Most commonly, life coaching sessions last between 45 minutes and 60 minutes, and the coaching sessions, can either be conducted through Virtual Meeting or Face-to-Face Meeting. 


During the session, the life coach will ask questions. The questions posed will help you evaluate yourself, the situation, and options for growth. Once your goals are clarified, the coach will work collaboratively to help you explore how to make positive change in your life, which will lead you towards the chosen goal.  

All sessions are completely confidential, allowing you to explore your thoughts and feelings privately. 

How long will I need to work with a life coach?

The number of sessions you may need varies, depending on where you are and what you want to achieve. Some clients with one or two specific issues, may be able to achieve their goals in as little as one to three months. Other clients may wish to work with a coach on a range of issues and this can take anywhere from six, nine or twelve months, depending on the outcome you are seeking.

The goal is to reduce your dependency on a coach as soon as possible. As you find yourself becoming more resourceful, confident, and dealing more effectively with current or new situations, you will know when you are ready to end the client-coach relationship.

What is a Discovery Session?

A discovery session is the very first step in the client-coach relationship, which takes us both on a journey of trust, respect, and the exploration in making a change. It is the first step in understanding why the client is seeking a coach, setting ground rules as to what to expected from the client and the coach, establish trust and respect, and to begin the process of reaching the client goal. Establish a solid client-coach relationship that will shape future session. 

Should I invest in a life coach?

Absolutely!!! A life coach can be a powerful solution to help you solve issues or attain goals. For example, let's say you are on a roller coaster ride. The life coach is the belt that keeps you strapped in until the ride is over. That is the value of having a life coach. A life coach can work with you to stay on track and overcome obstacles that prevent you from reaching the desired goal.


Starseed Transformational Life Coaching supports you through the fear, resistance, and panic that can arise when you are wanting to create, accomplish or become something better. 

How is life coaching different from therapy or counseling?

Coaching deals with where you are now and where you want to be. Counselors deal with client past trauma. Therapy focuses on mental health and emotional healing. Life coaching focuses on setting and achieving goals. We discuss the past, to understand the present and then set the tone in what needs to be done to reach the goal. Life coaching is client-action step oriented.  

What is Positive Intelligence (PQ)
How do I coach?

My style of coaching varies depending on the client-coach relationship established, but the client is the primary process owner. Every relationship is different, but through observation, intuition, active listening, setting micro goals, client action steps and challenging comfort, these are just a few basic techniques. There are several coaching approaches that can be used based on certain factors, which is evaluated during the discovery session. Coaching techniques and tools are used to uncover and/or discover blocks to your success and overcome those hurdles to reach your goal.  

What types of questions are asked during a session?

1. Open-Ended Questions

2. Reflective Questions

3.Questions that help client understand their thought process, reasoning, habits, motivates, values and view point.

4. Questions that begin with: What, When, How, Who, Where and Why.

For example, during the session, the coach could ask, what do you want to accomplish by the end of this session, why is this change important to you or what do you envision once you have reached this goal.

Do I need a life coach? 

If you wish to achieve a goal, a life coach is extremely helpful. You may need a life coach to help see where you are and what you want to be or do. You may need a life coach to maximize your potential and raise your standard of life. You may need a life coach to challenge, motivate, encourage, and support you in achieving your goal. A life coach will help you discover and/or uncover all that is possible in achieving your goal. 

It is where we focus on the root level cause that triggers an emotion as it relates to your Why in decision making.

Ask Yourself The Following Questions


1. What do I want to Change?

2. Why do I want to make that Change?

3. What is holding me back from making that Change?

4. Do I need support, guidance, help in making that Change?

5. Can I see how valuable this Change will impact my life?

6. How will this Change make me feel once accomplished?

7. Am I willing to make the investment in this Change?

8. Can I see how this Change impacts other areas of my life?

9. How determined are you in making this Change?

Your answers will determine your next step.


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"Coach the Client, not the Topic" 

Starseed Transformational Life Coaching is here to help you see the light bulb turned on in your mind, through the questions posed to you.


Thanks for subscribing!

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